NDL Warranties

What is a NDL Warranty?

An NDL (no dollar limit) warranty specifically refers to a replacement value guarantee that will cover the entire cost to replace a roof at current value if the roofing material or workmanship fail as determined by the guidelines of the manufacturer’s warranty. The limitations to the warranty include maintenance responsibility on the part of the owner as an example. The limitations are defined in the warranty sample.

What are the primary benefits of the NDL warranty?

As opposed to a manufacturer’s material only warranty an NDL warranty covers the workmanship in addition to the material. This coverage is provided by the manufacturer ilo the roofing contractor. 

The issuance of the NDL warranty gives the owner assurance that not only the material and workmanship are covered up to the limitations of the warranty, but that the system installed is comprised of the correct material and system for the project. They accomplish this by using specific information to best match a tested roof assembly to the building type, building use, project conditions, and general conditions of the project.

How do I get an NDL warranty?

The manufacturer commonly requires the following steps to issue an NDL Warranty.

  • Hire an approved contractor that has been certified by the manufacturer to install their products and more specifically the type of material to be utilized on your project.
  • Provide job specific information and design criteria for the project through the system approval application process.
  • Obtain a project system assembly approval including the proper attachment materials, attachment type and installation patterns for the assembly.
  • Utilize ONLY that manufacturer’s materials and accessories for the entire project. 
  • Complete an onsite installation inspection with the manufacturer’s technical representative.
  • Complete any punch list items identified by the technical representative.
  • Provide evidence of completed repairs or modifications identified in the inspection.
  • Pay for the warranty fees to complete the warranty process and receive the manufacturer’s issued warranty.
  • Provide the written warranty and id placards to be posted on the property in a conspicuous location to the project owner. 
  • Provide the owner with the written maintenance requirements for the roof system. 
  • The owner must use the certified installers for any additional installation or penetrations. If the original installer is unable to complete the additional work, then the owner may provide evidence to the manufacturer and they will assign/approve another certified contractor to perform the work.